Programming at Bija

Enrichment Classes

Art Makers for 4 – 8 year olds

Art at Bija is process oriented and designed to encourage exploration and joy. Students work with a variety of media including paint, glue, fabric, clay, pencil and chalk. They create collaboratively and independently. Bija artists are encouraged to get their hands dirty, see what happens and enjoy both the process and the outcome of their work.

Movement Practice for 2 – 8 year olds

Using bodies as the main instrument, dance classes at Bija are about process and tuning in. Students will be exposed to techniques from different dance styles including modern, African, hip-hop and ballet with the intention of using it to create something that is their own. Live music as well as music from around the world will serve as accompaniment in these joyful, possibly sweaty classes.

Sensory Studio for 4 – 8 year olds

An Exploration of all five senses, aimed to help promote awareness of self and environment. Students listen, see, taste, feel, and smell through collaborative and independent explorations.

Sound Studio for 0 – 8 year olds

Music classes are creative, movement filled and incorporate rhythm, singing, instruments and fun! Each weekly session includes music from around the world as well as opportunities to dance and play. Students will be challenged to hone their musical ears as well as be encouraged to explore making sounds with their bodies. Listening and finding space are tools that are cultivated as time goes on.

Tasting Kitchen for 4 – 8 year olds

Cultivating a love of food, an understanding of flavor and freshness and the joy of cooking are combined to create a sensory and exploratory cooking class. Kneading dough, chopping and peeling vegetables, blending smoothies and cooking tortillas are just some examples of the ways students will develop and hone first time chef skills.

Yoga Practice for 0 – 8 year olds

Bija Kids laugh, sing and sweat as they practice how to live peacefully, happily and responsibly. They learn respect for the planet and how to take responsibility for themselves. They come to understand how to reflect each moment, each breath. Classes include yoga poses, breathing activities, guided meditation, story time, bubbles, music, games and more. Designed to be developmentally aware, Bija Kids yoga is an active and joyful interpretation of yoga that can improve flexibility, strength, and balance.


School Classes

2’s room

Available for enrollment (as space allows) in 2014-2015, children can enter as soon as they have reached their second birthday. A small group setting and high teacher-child ratio allows for a smooth transition from home to a social setting. This program is ideal for families who are new to drop-off programs and wish to transition into Bija’s or another preschool program. Life skills and learning routines are the focus of the 2’s program as they provide a solid foundation for transition into any preschool program.

Teacher evaluation and age determines when a child is ready to transition into the Bija preschool program. Most children transition around 2.5 years as space allows.


2.5 yrs. – 4 yrs.

Bija’s preschool program supports exploration and process-based learning in a mixed-age group setting. With the addition of our 2’s room in 2014-2015, the ages for this program range from 2.5 to 4 years. Each of our three classrooms will have a healthy mix of 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s so that younger children have role models, and older children have the opportunity to become leaders while also developing empathy. The mixed-age setting allows Bija teachers to create flexible groups based on developmental progress rather than age. Our children will still have a choice of enrichment, and will enjoy working in a fully functional art studio, cooking kitchen, and movement space.

Sample Schedule 2.5yrs.-4 yrs.

8:30 a.m. Arrival, hand washing, choice time
9:00 Morning meeting (theme exploration, morning message, days of the weeks,
calendar, weather)
9:30 Group lesson or station work (literary, math, science, social studies skills)
10:15 Snack
10:30 Enrichment (music, movement, art)
11:15 Outdoor Time
12:00 Lunch


Pre-K/K (beginning Fall 2014)

A new program for UPK eligible 4’s through age 6, Bija’s Pre-K/K program will incorporate a stronger academic focus while still maintaining a process-based learning environment. Monthly themes will still be used, but will be explored through literacy, science, social studies, art, music, and movement. Children will learn their letters and numbers, but instead of rote recitation and writing, all learning styles will be accounted for and children will be able to discover and choose the method that works best for them. For example, some children might learn a song about what the letter A looks like. Others might create an A out of playdough, or use finger paint. Still others might use their bodies to create the shape of an A. While we must begin to focus on end goals as we know how important it is that children have a strong foundation in literacy and math, we will still encourage children to be creative along the way. We will also continue to support the development of life skills, providing students with increased responsibility for their own selves and surrounding environment.

Curriculum Focuses:

–          Literacy – Letter identification, phonics, reading & writing age-appropriate site words

–          Math – Number identification, number sense, simple addition & subtraction

–          Science – Concepts of weather, cycles, seasons, solar system, animals

–          Social Studies – Personal responsibility, being a good neighborhood, our place in the world, family/social culture, basic world geography


Sample 2014-2015 Pre-K Schedule:

8:30 a.m.                                             Arrival, handwashing, choice time

9:00                                                     Morning Meeting (Theme exploration, Morning message, Days of Week, Calendar, Weather)

9:30                                                     Group lesson or Station Work (Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies Skills)

** Envision three tables, children choosing where they want to work, but all working toward the same primary goals, regardless of subject – e.g. Letter A à molding letter A, finding countries that begin with A, Connecting numbered dots (in order) to create a letter A

10:15                                                   Snack

10:30                                                   Enrichment (Music, Movement, Art)

11:15                                                   Outdoor Time

12:00                                                   Lunch

12:30                                                   Quiet Time (Rest or Independent Reading)

1:00                                                     Group lesson or Station Work II

1:45                                                     Choice Time

2:15                                                     Closing Meeting (Reflection on Day, Preview of Tomorrow, Key Concepts)

2:30                                                     Departure


Extended Day Schedule:

2:45                                                     Snack

3:00                                                     Enrichment

3:45                                                     Outdoor Time

4:45                                                     Choice Time

5:15                                                     End of Day Meeting

5:30                                                     Departure



Our Afterschoolers spend their time immersed in play and enrichment. We think it’s important to keep our afternoon schedule flexible. Some days kids are tired and some days they are full of energy and enthusiasm. While each afternoon varies we still keep things consistent so kids have a routine and know what to expect.

Time Activity Description
2:50pm Pickup from School Meet Pre-K students in their classrooms or older students in the auditorium. Students arriving first socialize while they wait for the rest of the group.
3:10pm Playground Staff observe and ensure students play safely on playground equipment. Bija shirts are worn to increase visibility.
3:45pm Walk to Bija Safety is top priority. Children turn off voices and listen for teacher instruction as they cross intersections. Rope is used to ensure all students stay together as a group
4pm Snack Hand washing and bathroom breaks come first. Snack is a healthy combo of fruit, veggies, whole grains and water
4:15pm Enrichment Art, Science, Yoga, Music or Movement
5pm First Pickup  
5pm – 5:30pm Storytime or Independent Drawing, Reading, Writing Grounded activities help transition children to wind down from enrichment and the day. Older children can work on homework.


5:30pm – 6:30pm Choice Time Echoing the theme and activities from earlier in the afternoon
6:30pm Last Pickup  


Birthday Parties at Bija

Every weekend on Saturdays and Sundays, Bija hosts birthday parties for families. Parents choose from several options as described below. Bija staffs birthday events with (1) two birthday party hosts and (2) two enrichment teachers. Families who do birthday parties at Bija are sometimes enrolled in other programs at Bija and are otherwise just using Bija and its facility to throw a party. Either way, Bija parties are always an opportunity for us to show off what Bija does well.

Art Birthday Parties

Budding artists work together to make a collaborative piece for the birthday girl or boy as well as making an original work of their own. Bija provides the paint, fabric, glue, sparkles, charcoal and instruction. Art parties are messy and process oriented experiences. Enjoy art making as part of a party package at Bija (in our beautiful classroom art space) or in your home or community room. Recommended for ages 4+

Music Birthday Parties

Sing, dance and shake your sillies out at a Bija musical birthday extravaganza! Instructors will lead guests through songs, dances, parachute activities and a jam session. Learn some original tunes and sing some classic favorites. Bubbles and instruments included. Instructors can come to you or enjoy a musical party experience in our beautiful studio space. Recommended for ages 1+

Yoga Birthday Parties

Little yogis enjoy a fun-filled, interactive yoga experience complete with poses, lighthearted breathing practices, song and dance. Yoga parties are energetic experiences that are perfect for seasoned and new yogis alike. Our teachers can come to you or choose from one of the packages we offer at Bija. Recommended for ages 2+

Cooking Birthday Parties

Enjoy getting your hands dirty and taste buds excited while whipping up wholesome and delicious creations with a Bija cooking instructor! Guests will wash, prep, blend, mix and enjoy a delicious dish and bring something home to bake in the oven! Recommended for ages 4+. Add an additional $5/guest for local, sustainable ingredients.

Dance Birthday Parties

Dancers will shimmy and groove at Bija dance parties! Freeze dance, bubbles, interpretive moves and props complete this high energy and joyful party experience. Music from around the world will be introduced in a thoughtful and interesting way. Recommended for ages 3+.