Procedure for opening at Bija Kids

  1. Unlock door
  2. Turn on Lights (first set in entry room, second set across from adult bathroom)
  3. Check temperature (set to 65 when opening)
  4. Check voicemail
    1. Press Menu/Select
    2. Press Menu/Select again

i.     3 to delete message

Check email

    1. Username:
    2. Sign into
      1. Username:
      2. Count Cash.
        1. Should be at $40
        2. When classes begin check space
          1. Check strollers, make look neat yet accessible
          2. Check pamphlets outside to make sure stocked
          3. Check bathroom
          4. Check shoes are on floor (not bench) and backpacks hung


Closing Procedure

  1. Check Voicemail again
  2. Print sales report for the day
    1. Reports
    2. Sales by Client Detail
    3. Change Transaction date to Today
    4. Print
    5. Drop money
      1. Amount in cash box should be $40 (ignore change)
      2. Initial and date the envelope
      3. Check email
        1. Send Lauren Maples an update of the day

i.     1 child for art, trial for yoga

ii.     Make it short simple and to the point… include messages if Weekend










Things need to know:

~Clients who need to pay: paying


~Sales Reciept

~fill out name, who paid, classes that they chose, brief description

~Ask if they want their receipt mailed and make sure that is checked


~Drop in Classes for weekend: $26

~12 Week classes for weekend: $288




~Booking times:

Saturdays between: 1:00-5:00

Sundays between 12:30-5:00

~2 hours with a choice of style:

Art, Yoga, Music, Dance, Cooking

~16+ kids= 25 per guest

~More time- $85/half hour

~DELUXE package- $1075

~16 + kids: $40/per guest


~up to 7 kids (4 years +)

~ $75 for an extra 30 min


January 13th—weekend 18-19

Next week classes start