Real Food

Family Workshops @ Beacon Farmer’s Market

Join The Bija School and Grass+Grit Farm at the Beacon Farmer’s Market for a series of workshops created to expose children and their families to the world of sustainably grown, local, seasonal food. ‘Real Food’, based on our definition, is food that has been grown or raised with an opportunity to express itself fully. Animals are given access to habitat that is supportive of their well being and are allowed to express their natural behaviors. Plants are grown without chemicals and harvested at the peak of freshness. Through hands on experiences children will explore, touch, and taste real food. Each workshop will include meeting Grass+Grit hens, speaking with a farmer and a cooking and tasting activity.


What is Meat?

Sunday, Aug 21

10:30a – 12p

Making the connection between animal and meat is essential to understanding real food. Children will meet the hens, see cuts of chicken and work with puzzles to better understand how food gets on the table. This connection, we believe, is essential to promoting animal welfare practices. Take home an herb seasoned Grass+Grit chicken kabob. Our real food sorting station will be open.


Soup Making

Sunday, Sep 25

10:30a – 12p

Autumn abundance is the perfect time for soup making! Children will work with produce, dairy and meat available at the farmer’s market to make two types of soup (one veggie one not). Chopping, seasoning and measuring give kids access to the wonderful sensory experiences inherent to local, seasonal cooking. Meet pasture raised hens. Our real food sorting station will be open.