Ages 2-5 Monday – Friday (flexible) 900 Fulton Street & 1122 Bedford Avenue 8:30a – 2:30p or 5p 
Registration for the 2018-2019 School Year opens at 10a on January 22, 2018 

A $25 application fee is required upon submission.


Bija Preschool prepares early learners for lifelong engagement in the world. Our philosophy is informed by the best of progressive education as well as our own experiences in the classroom with children. We are thoughtful about each element of the day, the materials that are presented, and the importance of teaching children real concrete skills that will serve them throughout life. We take pride in our space, hire talented educators with a passion for the arts, and have a strong commitment to community, social justice and providing a solid foundation for our students. Our preschool program provides a balance of child directed time and teacher lead skill based and enrichment activities. Students participate in the daily workings of our school environment – from watering plants and washing dishes to feeding our bearded dragon and taking care of our worm compost bin.


Our curriculum interweaves valuable concepts into all aspects of our daily activities. Each school year our students explore three teacher led themes, as well as many emergent ideas and concepts. In the fall, we study apples – how they taste, grow, and ways in which they can be transformed. We draw apples, make prints, and visit an apple orchard. Students dissect apples and explore their parts, make them into apple sauce and dry them in the sun. During the winter months, we investigate snowflakes. The water cycle is explored, we practice our fine motor skills cutting snowflakes and we examine snow under magnifying glasses. As spring begins, our study turns to seeds. We collect seeds from home, talk about the ways they travel, and what happens when a seed becomes a plant. Gardening, science, and art are interwoven into our exploration. bijablossom1 In addition to these themes, our lessons are informed by our students interests. As they become invested in learning about dinosaurs, insects or the color wheel, teachers develop lessons and experiences to support their excitement about learning and help them go deeper. In addition to investigating concepts and ideas, we spend our time learning life skills, thinking critically, and socializing.

Annual Tuition

Days Attending Per Week   8:30am – 2:30pm 8:30am – 5:00pm
Monday – Friday   $19,465 $27,035
Monday/Wednesday/Friday   $12,995 $17,500
Tuesday/Thursday   $9,735 $12,757

A non-refundable 10% deposit is required to confirm all preschool spaces. Tuition is based on Bija’s 2017 – 2018 calendar from September 11th to June 15th.

A Typical Day

preschool1-choicetime preschool2-yoga
8:30am – 9am
Morning Drop Off
All children are dropped off between 8:30 and 9am. Children will settle in and free play during this time. Drop off ends at 9am.
9am – 12noon
  • Morning Meeting
  • Morning Snack
  • Center Time
  • Enrichment Activities in Art, Theatre, Music, Movement, Yoga, Sensory, Science, Sign Language, and Cooking
  • Local Playgrounds
  • Small Group and Whole Group Work
  • Story Time
Every day is different. These are the possible activities that will take place from 9-12. We will always have a morning meeting and snack time.
12pm – 12:30pm Lunch Time
12:30pm –
  • Quiet Reading
  • Rest Time
  • Table Toy Activities
2:20pm Goodbye Meeting for Full Day Children
2:30pm Full Day Pick Up All Full Day Children are picked up by 2:30pm.
2:30pm – 5pm Extended Day
  • Local Playgrounds
  • Snack Time
  • Free Play
  • Story Time
  • Enrichment Activities
Every day is different. These are the possible activities that will take place from 2:30-5. We will always have snack time. Sometimes extended day students will also join Playgroup for the enrichment activity. *Extended day children can be picked up anytime between 2:30-5pm.
5pm Preschool Day Ends All extended day children are picked up by 5pm



What’s your preschool student teacher ratio?

In our preschool program we have a 6:1 ratio in all classes. Our teaching staff are specialists in instructing Bija enrichment including yoga, music, movement, visual art, science, sensory and cooking.

Are your classes mixed age or does each age group have their own class?

All programs at Bija are made up of mixed age group classes. We believe that this empowers children to grow at their own pace, be challenged when they are ready, and get extra attention when they need it. Older kids learn patience, compassion and leadership skills and younger kids learn from example.

Is your program based on a philosophy such as Montessori or Reggio?

Bija’s program philosophy builds on the best of progressive educational models, while continuing to develop our own unique skill based components. Each day is a combination of child directed and teacher lead activities that support the whole child. We are passionate about having quality, natural toys and materials available for kids to explore, learning about the natural world and developmentally relevant concepts. We also focus on life skills such as hand washing, table manners, putting on and taking off shoes and socks and using a tissue. Read more about Bija’s educational philosophy.

Does my child have to be potty-trained to attend?

No. For students who are still in diapers Bija provides environmentally friendly diapers for use during the school day. If your child is in the process of training we will work with you to develop a strategy that is positive and successful.

Does Bija provide snack and lunch? Do you have a microwave or refrigerator space?

Bija provides all snacks for Bija Brooklyn. Snacks are locally sourced, organic produce, whole grains and high quality vegetarian proteins. Bija is nut free and children drink water with all snacks and meals. For Preschool, parents pack lunch and it is stored in a child’s cubby until meal time. Bija does not have fridge space and we ask that all lunches are ready to eat without heating.