Our Partners

Brooklyn Families for Social Justice and Equality

Giving local families a resource for discussing race and social justice with their children, Brooklyn Families for Social Justice & Equality aims to collaborate with parents and activists, see social justice programs developed and expanded in schools and in the community, and give children the proper tools to create change in a way that makes sense to them.  read more

Lancaster Farm Fresh

LFFC CSA pickup is available at Bija Brooklyn year round. Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (LFFC), is a non-profit organic cooperative of small-scale, Certified Organic farms in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. LFFC provides fresh, certified organic fruits, vegetables, and other farm fresh products through CSA. The produce sold through LFFC is certified organic unless otherwise noted.  read more

Habana Works

Habana Works was founded on the notion that all people – regardless of age, gender, income, or background – are capable of teaching one another about the world around us. They are dedicated to providing a space where this important dialogue can be nurtured. Their core programs aim to make urban environmentalism fun; each one honors NYC by taking […]  read more

Eva Deitch – Resident Photographer

Eva Deitch is a New York – Hudson Valley based photographer whose interests lie in the human spirit and experience, land and what we reap from it, and the world’s cultural and natural commons. We are proud to have Eva as Bija’s in-house photographer. Whether she’s working on an editorial piece for a magazine or documenting a […]  read more

Beacon Institute

Beacon Institute leverages science, education, and technology to understand and protect rivers and estuaries. The Institute fulfills its mission by enacting programs and forging partnerships to advance environmental stewardship of water resources and make environmental education more accessible. Bringing together Clarkson faculty with local students, teachers, volunteers and others, we are using science to put […]  read more

Sat Nam babe

Sat Nam babe is a socially conscious line of play and yoga clothing for kids under five and babies. In Sanskrit, the words “Sat Nam” translates to “truth is my identity.” As our littlest kids go through life and are faced with societal pressure, family pressure, etc. may they always be true to themselves and […]  read more

The Peace Shop

We’re optimists, dreamers and believers in positive change through action and education. Our medium is beautifully made products that promote PEACE, EQUALITY, LOVE, POSITIVITY & the ENVIRONMENT. We also give you info and tools to help build your mission and rally friends, family and your community.  read more