Our Philosophy

At Bija we think mastering life skills and participating in creative exploration are the keys to a worthwhile and enriching early childhood experience. We are invested in collaborating with our community and recognize the strength in those connections as a pathway to real social harmony.

Our philosophy comes to life each day as we make messes, sit and eat meals together, laugh, sing, move our bodies and create things with our hands. We talk about topics like the alphabet because it’s exciting to learn, not because it’s a metric. We read stories, count shells, collect leaves on nature walks, and take care of our plants, animals, and compost. We foster independence, curiosity, and respect in an open and aesthetically pleasing environment. Safety and collaboration inform our lessons, our space and our daily schedule.

Our Core Values

  • Respect
  • Relevance
  • Holism
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline
  • Health


Finding a name to represent our mission and vision was a bit tricky. I wanted a name that stayed relevant and meaningful as time passed. I stumbled across ‘Bija‘, which means seed in Sanskrit. As I continued to search for the right name, I returned to Bija again and again. The idea that all life and potential is contained within the seed fits on many levels – it accurately describes Bija’s goals for our students, team and as an organization as a whole.

-Lauren Maples, Founder


To this day, Bija strives to grow, nurture and evolve through inquiry, study and dedicated observation. We set out to support our students as they move from one life stage to the next by nurturing their fullest potential and celebrating their unique strengths and beauty. No two seeds are alike, and each needs special attention to bloom, just like each child. Bija remains a perfect fit to describe what we do daily!