Ages 2-5 Monday – Friday (flexible) 8:30a – 12p, 2:30p or 5p MINI CAMP: June 26 – 30SUMMER: Jul 10 – Sep 1
Camp days feel like a tapestry. We weave together activities, play, trips, books, songs, and the campers own interests and insights to create a great big experience. On hot days, we’re outside running through sprinklers at the park. On rainy days, we might be making instruments, cooking blueberry-peach compote, and exploring art – natural and manmade. Every day is new and exciting, yet laid back. Learning happens through visual art, music, movement, science, and social studies explorations. This summer we will explore FARM as our primary curriculum focus.


PreK + Kindergarten Students Pick-Up from PS 56 and PS 11 2:45p – 6p
Days per Week T/Th (2 days) M/W/F (3 days) Mon – Fri (5 days)
*Following school calendar
3 SESSIONS Sept – Dec Jan – Mar Apr – Jun

A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space for Fall 2017. Payments begin August 1, 2017.
Bija Afterschool is designed to be flexible, enriching, experimental and fun! Daily activities include pickup from school, a healthy locally sourced snack, playtime indoors and out, music, yoga, art, cooking, storytime and gardening. We combine these with time and space to play freely.


Ages 2-4 Monday – Friday (flexible) 8:30a – 12p, 2:30p or 5p September 12, 2016 – June 16, 2017
Bija Preschool prepares early learners for lifelong engagement in the world. Our philosophy is informed by the best of progressive education as well as our own experiences in the classroom with children. We are thoughtful about each element of the day, the materials that are presented, and the importance of teaching children real concrete skills that will serve them throughout life. We take pride in our space, hire talented educators with a passion for the arts, and have a strong commitment to community, social justice and providing a solid foundation for our students. Our preschool program provides a balance of child-directed time and teacher-led skill-based and enrichment activities. Students participate in the daily workings of our school environment – from watering plants and washing dishes to feeding our bearded dragon and taking care of our worm compost bin.