• The Bija School 2017 - 2018 Payment Contract

  • Select Your Confirmed Schedule

  • ** A special case is being made to allow the contract signer's child to attend at 900 Fulton Street only from September - December before continuing at 1122 Bedford Avenue from January - June. If the opening for Bedford Avenue is delayed past January, tuition will be prorated based on the new start date. **
  • Payment Policies

  • Bija requires a 10% deposit to reserve a school space. No refunds will be issued for school deposits for any reason.

    The remainder of school tuition payments begin on June 1 for the upcoming school year. For enrollments after June 1st, all previous payments are required to finalize your space.

    Payments can be made in the following ways:

    Pay balance in full now and receive a 5% discount
    Pay in 4 equal installments due on June 1, August 1, October 1 and December 1
    Pay in 8 equal installments due June 1 - January 1. This option requires a credit card on file with automatic charges made on the 1st of the month

    Payments received more than 10 days late will result in a $100 administrative charge.

    Schedule Changes

    All schedule additions require immediate payment of tuition adjustments (adding or lengthening days). Schedule deductions may be made (shorting day or number of days of week) but tuition will not be reduced. No payment adjustments will be made for travel, illness or any other missed school days.

    School Early Withdrawal

    No refunds will be issued for school payments for any reason. Forfeiture of tuition is based on the following schedule:

    Withdrawal prior to June 1 - forfeit 10% of tuition (the deposit)
    Withdrawal prior to August 1 - forfeit 30% of tuition
    Withdrawal between August 1 - December 31 - forfeit all tuition payments made
    Withdrawal after January 1 - forfeit entire year’s tuition
  • Payment Installment Agreement

  • When contracts are completed later than June 1, payments are required to bring all accounts current on one of our standard payment schedules.